Contractor: Keeland Associates Inc. and Owner

Structural Engineer: Insight Structures, Inc.

Landscape Design: Albers Chang Architects

Area (Livable): 2,700 SF

Year Built: 2014

Photography: Miro Dvorscak (DM Photography)

A young couple purchased a one-story 1930’s Mission style brick bungalow from their former neighbor in the Museum District of Houston, Texas, with the intention of fully renovating the structure and adding a master suite and laundry room. The original layout was fragmented, the north orientation and close proximity to a townhouse and two-story house contributed to a general gloominess.

Through extensive site studies, the design team arrived at a solution to increase natural light and free up valuable backyard space while allowing the addition to blend seamlessly with the existing structure. The result was to locate the new areas directly above the existing first floor at the front of the house, as if the structure had always been a foursquare style bungalow. From the new double-height stair hall and gallery, a row of south-facing clerestory windows now bathes the first floor areas in natural light throughout the year. The former fragmented interior layout was modified in favor of a clear enfilade arrangement, defined by both existing and new elliptical arched openings.

At the exterior, the addition is defined by a stucco band wrapping the second floor, serving as a continuous window sill as well as balcony rail at the master sitting room. The new generous two-foot deep overhang at the second floor is bracketed with custom cedar corbels for effective shade and visual contrast against the white stucco. The curved details of the front elevation are reinforced by the new archtop window at her closet.

Featured in the April 2017 issue of Houston Lifestyles & Homes.